We are looking for great ideas, technologies, and businesses that have the potential to make a big impact on existing markets or create new ones. The best companies are usually the ones that significantly improve the life of patients and help medical professionals to obtain better clinical outcomes.

To successfully develop these companies, we look for great entrepreneurial talent. To initiate a discussion about a potential investment, please send us a short version of your business plan to

Your presentation should contain information about your product or service, technology, the IP situation, market, competition, team, your winning value proposition, financials (past and forecast), near- and longterm milestones and your investment needs. We are looking forward to learning more about your entrepreneurial vision and ambitions!


Mobile / Personalized Health 

Today, mobile health is one of the fastest growing market segments in the healthcare industry. In this area, we look for devices and systems designed to improve patient treatment, outpatient disease monitoring and disease management. Breakthrough innovation in this field often originates in the intelligent combination of already existing sensor technologies with clever IT solutions, allowing patient and doctor to improve health and chronic disease management.

Medical Technology

Medical technology continues to be a key growth area in Life Sciences. Progress is being made with advances in electronics, microsystem technology, material sciences, and information technology. JPIF considers the following areas as sources of consistent product innovation in medical technology:

• application of innovative materials
• microelectronics and IT in medical devices
• drug-device combinations
• nanotechnology
• minimally invasive procedures


There is a strong trend toward earlier and more precise diagnosis, with the goal of improving medical practice by better prevention and more individualised treatment. Innovative diagnostic procedures enabling more precise diagnosis and tailored treatment can help improve clinical outcomes, avoid side effects, and contribute to overall cost savings.

JPIF would look at opportunities especially in the fields of:

• monitoring of chronic diseases
• point-of-care diagnosis
• personalized medicine
• immune-monitoring, supporting the recent advances in immuno-oncology


Polish Nexus

The JPIF team is interested to talk to a wide spectrum of companies.

We are specifically looking for companies /ideas from around the world who fulfill one of the following conditions:

-- headquarters and significant operations are based in Poland or
-- headquarters are outside of Poland but significant operations are taking place in Poland such as research,
   development or manufacturing or
-- shareholders are Polish citizens or a Polish legal entity or
-- intellectual property originates/will be generated from a Polish citizen or a Polish legal entity

We would as well be happy to support companies to relocate to Poland to enable access to significant funding not only from JPIF but as well from grants and other investors. We can give advice on non-dilutive funding options in Poland and, in addition, support and facilitate the relevant contacts to get access to these funds.



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